Implantation bleeding, implantation bleeding or period

Implantation Bleeding Pregnancy

Implantation bleeding pregnancy new articles for women Implantation bleeding pregnancy read all about. If you have any vaginal bleeding during any stage of pregnancy must obtain immediate medical attention to rule that the case of a problem. The doctor will assess the duration of bleeding, whether light or heavy, if you have pain, blood tests, state of the baby by ultrasound, among others. SOME CAUSES OF BLEEDING DURING PREGNANCY

Placental abruption: when the placenta separates from the uterus interfering with feeding the baby, putting at risk the life of the baby and mother.

Placenta previa: the placenta is located at the bottom of the uterus, usually recommend bed rest at home or in hospital.

Preterm labor: when the baby is born before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will assess whether you can keep the baby more time using drugs and rest.

Spontaneous abortion: when a pregnancy was developing normally stops suddenly, should prevent infection and blood transfusions in case of significant bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy: when the embryo implants in the fallopian tubes will require surgery to remove the embryo and prevent internal bleeding.

Infection of the cervix: depending on time and status of the pregnancy the doctor will prescribe antibiotics that do not harm the baby.

Cervical trauma: is mainly for sex. Any disease or medication that has, or take the pregnant mother.

Implantation of the embryo: during the first six weeks of pregnancy can occur by implantation bleeding.

One twin did not develop: there are times when two embryos are conceived and one of them survives generating an indentation.

Labor: In the last weeks of pregnancy can cause bleeding that would indicate the onset of labor.
10% of mothers have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, usually during the first quarter and in the case of multiple pregnancy (twins, twins).

Implantation bleeding pregnancy is very important for women issues. You must obtain immediate go to doctor.

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